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The term wool is usually used for the fleece of sheep, however also for the fleece of the lamb as well as the hair of the angora or cashmere goat, camel, alpaca, llama and vicuna.

It is obtained by the shearing of fur and hair of animals. The hair and fur can be classify by fineness, crimp, fibre length, impurities and colour of the hair. 

Typical Wool Fabrics:

Afghalaine, Baize, Charmelaine, Cheviot, Donegal, Felt, Flannel, Fleece, Fresco, Loden, Saxony, Serge, Shetland, Tartan, Tricotine, Tweed

Our high quality Italian wool assortment includes wool blends and fine wool, available in pure and mixed variations in numerous weights, colours and prints, mostly coming from producers of Biella and northern Italy, as stock fabrics, at interesting prices!


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