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Order  |  Online-Order
Why order fabrics online?

As a registered member of FABRIC HOUSE you can enjoy many benefits. Our Virtual Showroom is functional and time-saving and the sample service makes it possible to touch the fabrics before buying it. All in all it's the easiest and the most serious way to order high-quality fabrics.

Order  |  Online-Order
What is the minimum order quantity for an order?

The minimum order quantity is 1 meter per article. In case you want to order samples first, click here.

Order  |  Online-Order
Is it possible to reorder sold out items?

Our products are only available in limited quantities. If an item is sold you, unfortunately you are not able to reorder it. 

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What is the size of the free samples?

It's 8x10 cm.

Order  |  Online-Order
What kind of information will I receive together with the fabric samples?

With your samples you'll receive information about composition, width, weight, price and availability.

Order  |  Online-Order
Was my order successful?

First of all you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. After the availbility of your order has been checked, you will get an order confirmation.

Order  |  Online-Order
What information is on the order confirmation?

Every ordered item is listed and has it's own description, quantity measure, price per metre and amount. At the end you can find the total amout of your order less discounts.

Order  |  Online-Order
How many fabric samples can I order?

You can order up to 100 samples. 

Order  |  Payments
What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or via Paypal.

Order  |  Payments
Will I receive a confirmation of receipt of payment?

Yes, you will receive the final invoice after the shipment of the order, within 2 days from the paymnet receipt.

Order  |  Online-Order
Can I reorder fabrics?

Of course you can reorder any fabric, as long as it's not sold out. 

Order  |  Online-Order
Can I get the goods with preferential origin?

You can get them if you find "Preferential origin available" into the article file or if the items are of our own production.

Order  |  Online-Order
Where can I find the order information?

Placing an order you'll receive an order confirmation with the articles´ details by email.


Products  |  Complaints
How can I file a complaint about goods?

You can file your complaint sending an email to office@fabric-house.eu . Our staff from customer care department will reply in at most 24hrs.

Products  |  Fabrics
Is it possible to find the same item in a different color variation?

Normally our items are only available in one colour variation. If there's another colour you can find it on our product detail page. 

Products  |  Fabrics
How can I find the right product among 10,000 different articles?

You can use our very detailed filter criteria. That makes it easier for you to find the right fabrics. You can combine them in infinite ways.


Products  |  Fabrics
Is it possible to obtain information on how to wash and take care of the articles?

Unfortunately, due to the structure of our procurement and the fact that we do not have our own production, we can not offer this service.

Products  |  Fabrics
How many and what kind of articles does FABRIC HOUSE offer?

We are specialised in high-quality fashion fabrics for outer garments. Our collection consists of more than 10.000 different articles in all variations, weights and compositions. When you click on one of our fabrics you can see the available amount. In case a fabric is out of stock it is marked as "sold out". 

Products  |  Fabrics
I have a question about a specific item.

In this case please email our Customer Service. We are glad to help you!

Products  |  General
Are there discounts and promotions?

Yes, sometimes we offer discounts and promotions. Keep in touch with us!

Products  |  General
Is it possible to obtain certificates, declarations of origin or technical data sheets of products?

Unfortunately, due to the structure of our procurement and the fact that we do not have our own production, we can not offer this service.

Products  |  General
Is it possible to reserve items?

We offer the service of reservation for certain groups of customers, the free reservation period is up to two weeks. If you would like to use this service please contact our sales team.

Products  |  General
When will the next Open Days, Events and fairs take place?

Click here to get to an overview of our Open Days, Events and fairs.

Products  |  General
Is there a showroom or a representative of FABRIC HOUSE in my country?

Our showrooms are located in Prato, Munich and Düsseldorf. For more information about our showrooms click here.

Products  |  General
Where are the headquarters/warehouse of FABRIC HOUSE?

Our headquarter is located in Prato, Italy. For more information about the address and our contact details click here.

Products  |  General
What is a customer group? How does it work? How can I be assigned to another customer group?

You'll be directed to a specific customer group according to the quantity per item that you generally need. During the registration you'll indicate "average demand per product" it'll help us directing you to the correct group. Every customer group has different minimums and prices.  

Products  |  General
How long will my item selection be saved in your cart?

The selected articles are only stored in your shopping cart as long as your session lasts in our virtual showroom. To save items permanently, add them to your Shopping List. 

Products  |  General
How can I save the filter criteria?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save the filter criteria.

Products  |  General
Can my own colors be produced?

Yes it is possible, but not for all the colors. For more information please contact oursales department.


Delivery  |  General
How long does the process take from order confirmation to shipment?

Since we usually work with prepayment, orders will be shipped once we receive the payment. With SEPA payment this is usually on the next business day and we immediately schedule the shipment for the following day. With PayPal, this process can be further accelerated under certain circumstances.  This also applies to orders that are paid locally using cash or credit card. If you pay via bank transfer, we recommend that you send us a confirmation of payment. This way we can prepare your goods in advance for shipping, so that your product can be shipped immediately after receipt of payment. Basically, depending on the terms of payment and type of shipping, the goods will be shipped on the next business day following your order namely the receipt of payment. For larger shipments, the terms and availability of forwarding company have to be taken into account. However, the goods are in any case ready for pick up on the next day.  

Delivery  |  General
How can I track my shipment?

We generally work with DHL. Therefore, it is possible to track shipments using the tracking number. Once your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can check the status of your shipment, using the DHL website. Click here to go to DHL shipment tracking and under "track shipment" type in your shipment number.

Delivery  |  General
How will my order be shipped?

Please click here.

Delivery  |  General
Can FABRIC HOUSE deliver to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for FABRIC HOUSE to deliver samplings and orders to PO boxes.

Delivery  |  General
Is the shipment insured?

All shipments that we deliver DDP are insured.

Delivery  |  General
Is it possible for the delivery address and the billing address to be different?

Yes, this is possible. In this case please indicate the delivery address during checkout or while placing your order. Please note that this may possibly have an influence on the VAT calculation result. For further information please contact our customer service.

Delivery  |  General
To which countries are orders delivered?

Our delivery is worldwide.

Delivery  |  General
How long does it take for the shipment of the samples?

Samples are always shipped with an express service, which has a 24 hrs delivery.

Delivery  |  Delivery costs
Do the prices of the items already include the shipping costs?

Our prices are ex-works but we sometimes offer some promotion on shipments.

Delivery  |  Delivery costs
What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend of the weight and have to be recalculated for each order. For orders over 10,000 € we ask you to contact our sales team for a custom quote.

Delivery  |  Returns
How can I return an order?

You have 60 days to send the goods back to our headquarter, please contact our Customer Care Dept. to inform that you are sending back your fabrics. You can return only entire rolls. Please keep in mind that the shipping charges are in your responsibility. After the items have arrived in our headquarters, you will receive a credit memo.

Delivery  |  Returns
Who pays the shipping costs in case of a return?

For returns, unfortunately we can not assume the costs, we ask you politely for your understanding. 

User Account

User Account  |  User Account
I cannot log in

Please contact our Customer Service so that we can help you to solve the technical mistake. To isolate the problem please be ready to provide us with information regarding the browser and version you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer 10).

User Account  |  User Account
How does the checkout work?

After adding your favorite fabrics to your cart, you can click on it on the top of the page. There you'll be able to click on "Proceed to check out" and choose your favorite shipping method, clicking on "Next" you can now choose your favorite payment method.

User Account  |  User Account
How can I register?

To find out how you can register in our Virtual Showroom, click here.

User Account  |  User Account
How does my account work?

Only after a successful login, you will be able to see the "Account" box at the top of the website. By clicking on it you will be redirected to this example page.

 Under "Account Information" you can edit your personal data.

Under "Address book" you can access your personal data for the delivery and billing address, and change them if necessary.

Under "My orders" your past orders are saved.

"My Wish List" contains the items that you like.

User Account  |  User Account
My password does not work.

If your password does not work, please click "Forgot password" and reset all. 

User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
How can I place an order in the Virtual Showroom?

After you have selected the items, the desired quantity, and added them to your shopping cart, click on "Check Out" and confirm your order details. After that, you will receive a confirmation email listing the items you ordered. Once our team has checked the available quantity, you will receive an order confirmation with the final invoice amount and the bank details to make the payment. For more information about ordering, payment and shipping, visit our How to section. 


User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
What is the duration of the session time in the Virtual Showroom?

For security reasons the duration of your session in the Virtual Showroom is limited. After 30 minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged out and all items in your shopping cart will be deleted. To save items permanently, you can add items to your shopping list.

User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
Can I only order through the Virtual Showroom?

We recommend that you order using our virtual showroom, since this service is available 24/7. Nevertheless, you can also order via email, phone or visit our showrooms and purchase on site. 

User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
What are the requirements for using the virtual showrooms?

Most recent browser versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are supported. You have to enable the use of Cookies.

User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
How long are items in your Virtual Showroom available?

Our products are available in the Virtual Showroom until they are sold out. Then they are marked as "sold out" - and removed after a few days.

User Account  |  Virtual Showroom
How does the Virtual Showroom work? How can I order fabrics?

In our virtual showroom you will find all our fabrics. Once you have signed in, you can start your purchases.

You can search the products through several criteria. For every item you can find technical information, the price, the available amount and three photos. 

If you do not want to make an order immediately, you can also create a wishlist!

User Account  |  User Account
I have lost my password. How can I reset it?

Just click on "Forgot Your Password"  below to the "Log in section", and then enter your email address. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. 

User Account  |  General
What happens if I don't have a tax ID number?

If you don't have a valid VAT number we'll be obliged to add the 22% of taxes on your order, according to the Italian law.


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