Whatever fabric you are looking for you will find it in our online store. Discover more than 10,000 different apparel fabrics, ranging from cord, burnout velvet, inner lining for suits and golden silk laces. All fabrics are first choice and high quality.





We moved into a stunning new office
in Prato, which is only a few minutes
drive from the Florence International
Airport. We would like to invite you to
come visit us anytime and experience
the range of our collection in person.


Our first showroom is located in a
beautiful old building in the center
of Munich. We are partners in an office
with the largest textile agency in all
of Germany, Berner und Sohn, which
has influenced trends for 60 years.


Our second showroom in Germany is
situated in a modern industrial space.
The interior we chose to use for this
showroom elegantly blends in with the
natural feel of the space. This office
is also shared with Berner und Sohn.


This showroom can be found in one of
the oldest industrial buildings in Moscow. It is located on the Artplay premises. This area is developing into a unique space, for artists and designers to share and commercialise their work.