The experience that has been handed down from the previous four generations.

FABRIC HOUSE was founded in 2006 but its origins date back to the 19th century. Berner & Sohn agency, leading clothing fabrics trading Company all over Europe, was established on the Berner's smallscale textile family business. Since small designers often hadn't the opportunity to purchase small fabrics amount , Michael Berner the fourth generation agency owner, decided to found FABRIC HOUSE. The main objective was to offer high quality clothing fabrics with a lower minimum order quantity.

Emerging Companies & young designers take advantage of our decades- long experience. We can cooperate during the project evolution, from the outset, with lower requests, to higher needs of fabric that can be provided by our related agency ''Berner & Sohn''. A unique service concept integrated by our Online Store and our outstanding sampling service.


Our collection of 10,000 different fabrics covers the entire spectrum. This includes robust coat fabrics, delicate lace, classic check patterns, modern prints, and anything else you will need. We guarantee the premium quality and delivery for all of our fabrics.


Whatever the fabric you are looking for, you will find it in our online store. Discover more than 10,000 different apparel fabrics, ranging from cord, burnout velvet, inner lining for suits, to golden silk laces. All of our fabrics are certfied as premium quality.