Fabric House

Quality control


The appreciation we have for the quality of our products is evident in the way we manage our commodities.

Due to the fact that we generally buy our merchandise from large and well-known fashion houses in Europe and almost 90% of the articles have been controlled using specialized testing institutes, a further control would not really be necessary.

Nevertheless, each fabric roll is unwound again and checked using our inspection machines from us when we receive the merchandise.

Our merchandise is only distributed once it is released as a first choice product by the fabric inspection. We do not make use of any other standardized basis as the test centers do for regular production merchandise.

For our customers, this means that the merchandise even though they are in stock and readily available, have the same quality standards as those coming directly from production.

During the fabric inspection the factors that are primarily taken into consideration are fabric width, weight, and errors in the tissue or print. Any ascertained errors are thereby identified and compensated as follows:

  • Green sticker: small error --> compensation 0.1m
    Example:  knots, small impurities in the weft
  • Yellow sticker: average error --> compensation 0.3m
    Example: stain
  • Red sticker: serious error or extensive error --> Compensation determined by the marked area
    Example: abrasions

In summary, you may get a longer piece (gross amount) as you ordered and paid for (net amount).

Our criteria for "first choice" are * (For standard length of 50m):

  • On a length of 50 meters no more than 10 errors (not including prints)
  • Less than 5% compensation on the entire length