Fabric House

Our concept / history

With the experience of four generations

Michael Berner, the founder of Fabric House is the fourth generation of the family that is active in the trade of fabrics. For over 30 years he has successfully managed the textile agency Berner in Munich, one of the largest agencies for apparel fabrics in Europe.

During the cooperation with all renowned and major labels in German-speaking parts of Europe, the need for faster service and better availability of fabrics has consistently come up. 

In addition, there has always been the demand from smaller labels, startups and young designers for smaller quantities of high quality and fashionable fabrics. However, they were not willing to pay a surcharge for small quantities nor did they want to wait too long.

These points led to the founding of the company "Fabric Stock House" in 2003, which was then renamed to "Fabric House" in 2006.

Today, amongst our over 2,000 customers in the B2B sector we do not only have numerous start ups and young designers, but also a variety of medium and large well-known fashion businesses. 

These larger businesses trust Fabric House when they want to react to certain trends on short notice, if there are problems with the production fabrics from other suppliers and they have to find a quick replacement, or when they need additional fabrics for special programs and the equipment of their outlets. 

All of our customers have one thing in common: they appreciate the outstanding service and quality of products by Fabric House.

Different - but better!

"We do not sell stock merchandise!"

This statement astounds many of our customers, however, we put lots of effort into emphasizing this point. 

"Stock goods" in the way that our competitors define them, usually originate from the fabric producers directly, is often imported from the Far East, and it is not rare that these items are sold by the kilo and are usually not first choice.

This definition does not comply with our standards - and therefore we do not sell goods Stock.

Our concept is that we buy goods from clothing manufacturers and major fashion labels. We pay particular attention to the fact that the goods are of Italian origin. Additionally, when the goods arrive we check all of them upon receipt, even though they are already of the highest standards and were controlled by certified testing laboratories previously. 

Only in this way we can guarantee the quality of our products - and for over 10,000 articles.


Service is the focus of our actions

In addition to the quality of our products our customer service comes first.

We are always trying to offer our customers the best possible service, with an ever-increasing number of offerings. We do not only want to talk about the service promises, but guarantee these to our customers. In order to do so we are using the most modern advances in technology, amongst other things. This enables us to guarantee that all of our sample orders can be shipped on the next day. 

Those who have already gained experience will confirm that this is usually not the standard in the textile industry. We do that! Despite the variety of articles and inquiries, we guarantee these and other services.

A summary of the services that we guarantee our customers:


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We believe in the quality of our products and our services, to such an extent that we will take back any goods if you are not satisfied. You just have to give us your reasoning so that we can work on further improving our services.