Fabric House

Company Overview


Be better, be different, be La Prima Scelta!

Fabric House is your first choice when it comes to the rapid acquisition of clothing fabrics of the highest quality without doubt. We offer an extensive product range of over 10,000 different items for aspiring designers, smaller labels, garment manufacturers, as well as tailors with small minimum order quantities (from 10m / article). 

Our offer is also interesting for medium and large companies that want to expand the range of their outlets and shops, or need to react quickly to unusual deliveries or customer needs.

The quality of our products and services is always our top priority.

All our fabrics are available immediately and can already be dispatched the day after your order; thereby we essentially eliminate waiting and production times for our customers.

Thanks to our use of the latest technologies, we are also able to guarantee this service for fabric sample orders. 

Usually you will receive all of these benefits at prices that are below the level of prices of production - and with the same or even better quality!

Thanks to all of these advantages we are already „la prima scelta“ for over 2,000 international customers. 


To learn more about FH read our concept.