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To make use of our online store you will have to register. Of course, your data will be kept confidential.

To register, click on "Log In/Register" in the top right corner of our home page and fill out the form provided. Confirm your registration and the accuracy of the provided data by clicking the orange button "Register".

Fields marked with * are mandatory. Any necessary changes can be made later under "Account".




After registration you will receive an automatically generated e-mail to check the entered e-mail address for your successful registration. 


After you have confirmed your registration by clicking on the link sent in the email, you are able to start using our virtual showroom. 

If you did not received the email, please check your "junk" or "spam" folder.

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Log In


Once you have registered, log by clicking "log in" and entering your email and personal password. 




Info: For security reasons, the session time is limited. After 30 minutes of inactivity, your session will be terminated and the existing items in your shopping cart will be deleted.

If you want to be safe, you can use the "Shopping List".

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View Collection


You can comfortably view our products from your home or office using our virtual showroom. Here you will find all our products and every week we will add between 30 and 50 items.


Filter selection


To facilitate your search, we have assigned our products to various criteria. You can select these using our filters.

  • Material
  • Purpose
  • Technical, Fabric, and Design criteria
  • Color
  • Price
  • Width/Weight
  • Quantity available 

You can change the filters by deleting individual filters and adding new ones.


Save filters

The function "save filter" allows you to save any combination of selected filters for later use. 

First select all the filters you need for your search: e.g. Cotton Trousers, 250g, Stretch, 4-8 €, 10-100m.


Follow the instructions in the pop-up window and rename your filter selection. You will be able to find the saved filter under "Account" in the "Filter List" saved for your next browse in the Virtual Showroom. 

By clicking on the appropriate filters you will get the original selection again, with the addition of the new articles that have been added since your last session.  

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Article selection

All articles in the Virtual Showroom have a product detail page, detailed information on each item, as well as four high-resolution photos that will demonstrate the nature of the fabric precisely.  

In the detailed view you will see:

a) Image of the fabric (large and from above) with information (quantity & status)

b) Picture gedreht

c) Picture mit Fall

d) Detailed picture

e) Composition

f) Article number

g) Price

h) Quantity field

i) Button „Add to Cart“

j) Button „Add Sample to Cart“

k) Button “Add to Shopping list”

l) Other colors 

m) Items you may also like 



i) Add to cart – Buy fabric 

On the product page of each article you will see the available quantity (a). In the quantity field (h) you can manually enter your desired amount and certify this by clicking "Add to Cart (i)". The added articles are saved for the duration of your session on Fabric House in your shopping cart. To permanently save articles you can use the "Shopping list".

Further details on how to continue to purchase, you can find out here.

j) Add sample to cart –  Sample requests

In order to feel the items you like before making a decision concerning your order, we have fabric samples for you of all the available items in our virtual showroom. Click here to learn more about our exclusive fabric sample service and how you can order these samples. 

k) Add to Shopping List

You can add individual items to your "shopping list" in order to remember them. Articles in the shopping list are saved permanently, but can removed or added to the shopping cart manually.

Click here for further details. 



In addition to our virtual showroom, we offer you the opportunity to view our collection in person/on-site. You will find our collection:

  • In our showroom in Prato. 
  • In the showrooms of the trade agency Berner in Munich and Dusseldorf 
  • From our representatives  - see sales network
  • On international and regional fairs, as well as during our open days. For detailed information about upcoming dates click here.

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Order samples


Of course, we will send you samples of our products.

It is very important to us that you receive these samples as quickly as possible once you have requested them. We have therefore established a system that allows us to ship all sample requests on the following working day.

Due to these requirements and the fact that this is with over 10,000 items and up to 60 sample requests per day represents a significant logistical challenge, you will receive all of our samples in a uniform format. 

With each sample selection you will receive an offer with various details, as well as the samples in format 10cmx8cm.

Once we have sent the samples you will receive information regarding the delivery status. In general this will be in the form of an AWB from the courier service, which you can use in order to track your shipment

The first sample request for our customers within the EU is for free (all costs regarding sample selection and shipping are taken care of by Fabric House).



We at Fabric House try to ensure that the properties of the respective articles are reproduced as closely as possible in the photos in our virtual showroom. Nevertheless, you always have the possibility to order samples to get an even better impression of the articles.


With „Add sample to Cart“ you can add any articles that interest you to the sample selection in your shopping cart.  

This can either be done through the product detail page or using the shopping list.


Once you have selected all the items you are interested in and added them to the shopping cart, simply follow the checkout procedure.



We also welcome other methods of taking your sample order.

To place an order via phone or email, please contact our sales team

Please make sure you have the article numbers ready for the fabrics you are interested in. 

The article number is a 10 digit combination. 

Example: sam18


Of course, our sales team will be happy to help you with any queries.


Sample orders can also be placed when you visit our showrooms or at Fabric House events. 

To see our upcoming events, visit the Events page.


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Order merchandise


Selection- Shopping cart- Checkout

On the Product Detail page, you can enter the desired quantity in the "Quantity" field. 


Please note that the quantities in the order confirmation you receive may differ from the ones your ordered in our store. This is because we no longer divide bolts of fabric under a certain quantity. For you, this means that you may for example receive 13m rather than 10m. 

After you have added all items to the shopping cart, you can see an overview of all selected articles and the respective amount under "Shopping Cart".



a) Quantity

In case of changes of selected quantities of one or more articles, you can manually enter your new desired quantity in the Quantity field and confirm it with "Enter/Return" or the tab key. If your desired amount is no longer available, you will be informed and your desired quantity automatically adjusted to the next available quantity:


b) Delete

If you want to remove an article completely, just click the "garbage can" icon and the item will be deleted from your cart.

c) Redeem voucher

In this field, enter your discount code and click on "Redeem voucher" (confirm)

d) Continue shopping

This "Button" takes you back to the Fabric House Virtual Showroom. Your selected products in your shopping cart remain saved for the duration of your session.

e) To checkout

If you are sure about your selected articles and the respective quantities, just click this button. You will be redirected to the check out, where you can look over the information stored in your account one more time.

First, you must provide or change the details of your delivery or billing address. If you want to change your billing address, you can do this by simply clicking "edit". You can change your shipping address under "Account".

Click "Next" to get to the next step.


Then you can choose between the following shipping options:

  • Sample request- free of charge: If you have placed an order for fabric samples, choose the first option. Samples are shipped via express shipping, and usually no further shipping costs will be charged for shipping to EU countries.
  • Fabric House organizes the shipment: If you agree that Fabric House initiates the shipment of your order, please choose option number 2. Here you will find all the information regarding our shipping partners including shipment costs.
  • EXW – you organize the shipment: You want to self-organize the shipment yourself. In this case, you notify us when the goods are picked up from which freight forwarder and we will take care that the goods will be prepared in time for pickup.

Once you have chosen an option, click "Continue".

Confirm your order by clicking the "Buy Now" button so that your order can start to be processed by the Fabric House Team. 


You will then receive an automatically generated e-mail with a summary of your order.


Please note that this is not an order confirmation.

The confirmation is only available after your order has been approved directly by Fabric House. This can still lead to some minor discrepancies. For detailed information on the order confirmation, please click here.

Depending on the agreed payment terms and delivery conditions, your goods will then be taken to the Delivery.


You already have samples


If you were satisfied with the fabric samples you ordered and would like to place an order, then use the item number and the search box in the top bar to find the relevant articles fast and easy and add then add them to your cart. 



If you would like more information about the checkout process from cart to checkout, click here.

Shopping List 

An even better solution is to use the shopping list before the sample order.

If you decide to use the "shopping list" to save articles you liked during your visit of our virtual showroom, then you can add these items to your shopping cart without having to search for them again. 

To order this item from your shopping list, click on "Shopping List" on the home page or under your account.


Clicking on the picture or the composition you will be connected to the detail page of the article

a) Quantity

Please insert the quantity of the article you want to order in the quantity field. Please confirm the quantity with "enter" oder "tab".

b) Delete

To delete an item, simply click the "garbage can" icon and the item will be removed from your shopping list.

c) Add to cart

Click this button to add the article with the quantity entered in the Quantity field to add to your shopping cart.

d) Add sample to cart

If you want to order the samples of the items you have saved to your shopping list, click "Add Sample to Cart". The article is then added as a sample in the cart. 

e) Download list

With this function you can open your shopping list as a PDF and save/print it. 


f) Send list

If you would like to send your selection to someone else, you can send the contents of your Shopping List via e-mail by clicking on "Send List". You'll only have to enter the e-mail address of the recipient and your personal shopping list will be sent to this address.


g) Remove all

With this function you can remove all items from your shopping list.

h) Add all to cart

If you have customized your selection by deleting items and changing the respective quantities, you can use this function to add all the articles of your shopping to your shopping cart. 

If you want to learn how you can order articles from the cart, click here.



We are also happy to take your order in numerous other ways.

If you have received samples, you can use the offer and send us any changes or queries via fax or e-mail. 


To place an order via phone or email, please contact our Customer Service.

Please make sure you have the article numbers ready for the fabrics you are interested in. 

The article number is a 10 digit combination.

Example: sam18



It is also possible to place orders when you visit our showroom or come to trade fairs and Open Days. 

To see our upcoming events, visit the Events page.


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