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Usually we ship your order upon receipt of payment on the same or latest on the following working day. 

Please wait until you have received a corresponding order confirmation and invoice from us, for your payment. For more details, please click here.


Due to the high demand for our products, it is necessary that you pay the invoice within 10 days. Otherwise, we reserve the right to sell the product to another customer. 


You can pay the invoice in the following way:

  • Bank transfer 
  • PayPal 

In our showroom in Prato, the following additional forms of payment are possible

  • Cash up to 3.000,-€*
  • Via Debit Card
  • Via Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

(*) = In Italy cash payments of more than 1.000 are - € not allowed

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We always strive to deliver all ordered goods as soon as possible.

For goods that we have in stock, we guarantee you that they will be shipped on the next business day. Depending on the terms agreed upon we will bring your merchandise to the shipping company the day after we receive your payment.

Under the extraordinary circumstances that this should be possible for a given reason, we will inform you immediately and provide you with a specific date. 


To ensure the best possible service in logistics, we also choose our:

  • For deliveries within the EU: DHL and DBSchenker
  • For deliveries to Russia: SET FALCIANI


Shipping costs vary depending on order size and destination. For orders over 10,000 € please contact our sales team to get a special price.

For more information about the tracking of your delivery, please see the FAQ.

For Transport cost please click here!


Duration of the Order

Sample shipment:

We guarantee you that we will bring your sample order to the shipping company the working day after receipt of your request.

Depending on your location the delivery can take one to three days.

Delivery of merchandise:

Your orders will be taken to dispatch on the day following the receipt of your request. Depending on your conditions on the day following receipt of payment.



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Upon arrival at our Fabric House warehouse all fabrics are subjected to a rigorous control procedure, independent of any previously conducted controls. 

We place utmost importance on it to provide you with only the "first choice" merchandise.

(Click here for more information on Fabric House Quality Control).

However, if it happens to be the case that you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, please contact our Customer Service.

In order to process your complaint, please send us a photo of the damaged/claimant product and a short description of the error as you see it. 


Please understand that we cannot process any complaints on already cut goods.

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Return Policy

Fabric House offers a 60-day return policy, a unique service in the textile industry. Should you not be satisfied with, do not need the product, or want to return it for any other reason, you can do so within 60 days. 

You can either replace the goods or request to get your money back.

Please note the following conditions in order to make use of the take-back guarantee:


1.You tell us the reason for the return.

We are constantly striving to improve our services and any information about our customers is valuable to us. For this reason, it is necessary that you fill out a questionnaire explaining the reasons for the return and a couple other questions. 


2.You order complete fabric rolls * (no segments) and return these in their entirety. 

The return policy does not apply to cut fabrics or split pieces. Please let us know what rolls of fabric you want to return. You can simplify the task by using packing list or the item labels. 


3.You organize the return shipment

You will pay for any shipment costs involved in getting the product back to our warehouse in Prato.


4.All of these steps have to be completed within 60 days.


*) Please note that momentarily it is not possible to order entire rolls of fabric in our virtual showroom. Use the "Notes" section of the check-out area and tell us that you may wish to make use of the return policy, and we will offer you the entire fabric role of the article.



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